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COVID-19 Emergency Support – Update 2020

Our emergency project to provide support to communities in Gabon affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is underway.  Gabon cases have begun to spike in the past week:  See the statistics here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/gabon/

With your help, our first distribution of food and medical materials:

  • purchased 300 of facial coverings made of local cloth from a local NGO women’s group Reseau Femme Leve-Toi (https://www.facebook.com/ReseauFLT/)
  • distributed care packages for 150 beneficiaries, through a neighborhood Caritas group in Libreville. These included 3 kilos of rice, 1 2 liter bottle of cooking poil, 3 large cans of tomato paste, 3 large cans of fish, 3 large hand soaps, 2 face masks, 1 package of sugar.

We are putting together another donation for a second neighborhood Caritas donation.

Below are supplies and first distribution with recipients lining up, observing social distancing guidelines.



COVID-19 Emergency Support – 2020

The realities of the pandemic reaching into Gabon have redirected our project plans to doing whatever we can to support the needs of people affected.

The countrywide scope is far too great for a small organization like ours to impact.  We can, however, focus our resources on those communities where we have relationships, through our recent projects or through former volunteers still residing in Gabon.

Our plan is to contribute to several organizations with whom we have personal connections or past experience, and whom we know as reliable and fair. Our funds will be earmarked for health protection and cleaning supplies such as masks and soap, and for basic food staples (rice, oil, sugar, water), similar to distribution programs for impacted persons in our own country.  Gabon organizations we have identified include the Catholic aid charity, Caritas; two women’s groups, Femmes Catholiques du Gabon and Reseau Femmes Leve-Toi; and two non-governmental socio-economic associations located in villages where we recently renovated school buildings.

Thank you for your support.  You can make a donation here. through our fiscal sponsor FJC.


One thought on “Our Projects

    Henry Schmald said:
    December 6, 2017 at 2:23 am

    At the 1962-1965 Gabon RPCV 2007 Reunion Carolyn Long organized us to take part in raising $$ to buy mosquito nets to send to Gabon. I think we raised $10,000. Carolyn would be a good source for a mosquito nets project. I also noticed there is a web site “https://nothingbutnets.net/” that may be of interest.

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