Au village

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A long drive Friday from Libreville to Doumandzou. The road was good, paved all the way to Mitzic. Our indispensable guide Bob Weisflog was at the wheel. We stopped in Ndjole for a lunch on the side of the road for chopped beef and fried plantains.

In Mitzic we made a couple of courtesy calls, meeting the President of the local assembly who remembered his English teacher, Jimmy Jones.

We arrived au village shortly after dark and are staying at the home of Gaston Biyogo. A wonderful host.

Today was setting up and organizing a little. We toured the school and mapped out in broad terms the work ahead. About 400 cement blocks have already been made.

We have met village elders, all pleased we are here. We showed the photos of the school under construction in 1965 along with Jerry Anderson and a few remembered him, calling him Gerald, en francais.

The photo here is of Mary and Henk at the school.

Dateline Doumandzou, le centre du monde, in the words of our hosts. 1pm GMT.


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