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It’s Saturday night.

Some days work is slow and small. Others, progress is visible from hundreds of meters away. We had both kinds of days this week. But, today was one of the latter.

Christian, our chef, arrived yesterday with the last order of wood, and then we took advantage of the truck to get our last load of sand, at a stream just a couple of kilometers from the village.

With all the materials on hand, the worksite turned into a six-ring circus of activity today. The biggest step forward was the laying of the “cloistered” cement block windows in two of the classrooms. At the same time, a trench was dug in front of the school for the new terrace to catch the water off the roof and save the school’s foundation. The teachers’ houses had been cleared and cleaned of all the encroaching forest, and we have started rebuilding the roof structures. The new wood was treated, and window blocks were cleaned up, readied for placement. We probably had 16 people working at the site today.

Two if those 16 were Drew and Claire who arrived earlier in the week. Bienvenue.

Photos below are of Christian laying the windows; of Nico in front of the terrace/trench and of Drew, Christian and the truck driver getting sand “en brousse.”

We are not far from starting to paint. Now that’s enough excitement got a Saturday night.

We have received some terrific comments, but to see them all, you’ll have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, after all the posts.


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