Il faut profiter

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I try not to post everyday, but today we had some excitement. We learned in the morning that a bulldozer that belonged to the nearby Chinese logging company would be coming through the village. We heard the magic words in the village “il faut profiter” – You must take advantage. There’s a lot of village life, it seems, wrapped up in those words, taking advantage of opportunities that come up.

Our opportunity today was a bulldozer to push back the forest behind the school and teachers houses. Some great landscaping

About 50 feet behind the teachers houses, a small tin fence appeared. It turned out it had a roof, and looked like a shed. The dozer cleaned out in front of it, and it turns out to have been a three stall latrine built in 1965 by the Peace Corps school construction group. Still standing.


One thought on “Il faut profiter

    Duncan said:
    January 28, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Nice labor saving device!

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