Wrapping up, not quite

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Today was the last full day for Henk, Mary and John. We had a few personal things to do before we left. Nguema took us to see the well that Robert uncovered in 1964 and that still supplies a needed source of clean water to the village. We had a few last minute purchases of souvenirs to bring home.

We were all set to find a car to start our journey to Libreville, when we learned that Bob and Gaston decided to drive out to Doumandzou to check on progress and see what remained to be done. They arrived yesterday afternoon to great celebration as they brought some resupplies as well. Bob was so happy to see the upgraded school he drove around the soccer field in his car blasting his horn.

They did a quick inspection on the school and houses while we finished painting the primer on all the windows. Drew and Henk had reinforced the center beams in the school.

Today we had two meetings, one to discuss work progress and the other in the corps de garde to talk about what work remained to be done and the inauguration with the attendance hopefully of the US Ambassador (to great applause). Gaston thanked the village for all they had done to receive us so well. John also thanked everyone saying he was happy that so much had been accomplished with the help of so many people but sad to be leaving his new friends with work still to be done. Gaston pointed out Drew and Claire would stay and continue to work.

Afterwards we took pictures and had a nice big meal, with more than a few beers.

Photos below are of today’s work meeting and of the school as three of us are leaving it, with roof placed on one of the teachers’ houses and handles on the doors of the school. The last photo is of Drew with his contraption to place the beam securely on the center of the roof.

Drew will continue to send updates over the next few weeks to the blog, and we have a couple others on water and children that we can send after we leave.

Adieu nos amis de Doumandzou.


One thought on “Wrapping up, not quite

    Duncan said:
    February 2, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    The second photo shows some impressive work that you all have accomplished there. Nice.
    Safe travels!

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