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Journal from Domandzou 2015

For 6 weeks in early 2015, five volunteers from Encore de la Paix traveled from the U.S. and the Netherlands to Doumandzou, Gabon to refurbish a primary school that Peace Corps had built in 1965.  We kept a regular journal of life in the village and working side by side with the residents of Doumandzou.  All of these past postings follow here.


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    Nancy Vermillion said:
    August 9, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Hi, John and all! I’m in Key West with dear friends this weekend and we’re going to a memorial/celebration dedicated to Richard Hatch’s father (Fougamou fisheries PCV maybe early eighties). I’m going to write out website info and give him your name and number–lost your number. As it turns out, he may be willing, not only to donate $ but also his time. Please send your cell. Thanks.

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