A new window brick mold

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Preparations proceed. Seen here is M. Eyene Ntoutoume Benoit handing over a new window block mold that he made in his welding shop in Libreville. Accepting the mold is M. Nguema Essone Jacques, who serves as the Vice-President of “Comitee Sam d’Abord,” which is partnering with Encore de la Paix in the school renovation project. He will send the mold out to start making the new window blocks, so they are on hand when the first of the U.S. volunteers arrives.

The mold will make up to 400 new window blocks to replace the wooden windows on the school that have broken and rotted. Last year in Doumandzou, half way through making the window blocks, one of the seams on the outside wall of the mold broke. We wrapped the mold with wire and were able to get by making the rest of the window blocks, each of which has an opening to allow in light, but is deep enough to prevent even the hardest rain from entering the classrooms. This was a design that Peace Corps volunteers were using on the schools they built as far back as the 1970s.

Not included in the photo was a donation of 200L of diesel fuel. Bob Weisflog, January 9, 2016


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