Half way mark

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Three weeks to go. And all projects are in full gear.

Over in Doumandzou, the latrines are precisely at the half way point. In the photo, from right to left, Steve, Dick, Drew and Paul check out the slab on the second pit that was poured on Saturday. Today begins the work on building the walls. Oh, I should mention that in moving the bricks for the walls to the site, we saw three scorpions and a black mamba.

Working with the two teachers, Roland and Camille, Joan and Pooh have started the world map mural that will go on one of the classrooms. There will be plenty of photos of that as they proceed.

Over in Sam, we had a three-ring work site going on Saturday. Nico and Aimee were putting in the brick cloister windows, Drew and Desiree were replacing a rotted beam, Mary, Claire and Mary were priming the wood, Steve and John were brushing the wood walls, and Eko and Xavier were working on the front steps. It’s pretty amazing how much gets done in a week; we’re trying to imagine where we’ll be a week from today.

Sunday was rest day, and it was a big day in Sam with a Palm Sunday procession through the village. We made it through two hours of the service but slipped out after the sermon. Almost the entire service was in Fang, the language spoken here, so it was left to our imagination and memory the Passion. The other photo is of Eko, one of the village workers, with the two palm fronds that he made for Mary and Mary.


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