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That’s French for mosquito net. Five hundred arrived by truck this week and, after taking house-to-house assessments for the first four days, word spread that the nets were ready for distribution. Within 30 minutes, with no advance notice, over 100 people had shown up with their vouchers to collect their nets.

Working closely with a team from the Ministry of Health, we were able to make sure the nets went to the right people and that they had the right information on using the nets properly and on other ways to prevent malaria.

We said goodbye to our Ministry counterparts this morning but we had a solid plan on continuing this coming week with the remaining distribution and the inclusion of one more village. By week’s end we should have handed out all five hundred nets.

Progress continues on building the latrines as well as the first steps in preparing the map mural. Rain delays hampered our progress but we’ll always welcome the rain to meet our water needs.

Today was our day off and we made a run to the closest town Mitzic for provisions.

One final highlight of the week: we’ve had the good fortune of eating “sanglier” or wild boar three times this week. Highly recommended!


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