Low points

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Yes, despite the upbeat nature of these postings, we did reach a low point this week. All on the same day.

We lost the key (twice) to the school classroom where we’re painting the world map mural and where we’re storing construction supplies. (Students have moved into the other two classes as school continues.). We had an evening without the usual two-three hours of electricity which meant we couldn’t recharge phones, or steri-pens, which meant we were low on clean drinking water. Our transport became an issue and two of us were out of commission to illness – toothache and stomach. I also threw out my back. Don’t ask how since it will reveal my stupidity. It seemed for a fleeting moment we might not be able to finish.

Just like the 1960s song, “Camp Grenada”, the clouds receded. We found and hired a local truck to move our supplies; Henk found the lost key on the field below the school. Yes, on the field! And the electricity came back on last night and everyone was in fine form for a full Saturday of work. We even received the last bunch of mosquito nets for distribution on Monday.

We started the framing for one of the latrines and are ready to pour the slab for the other. And the outlines for all the countries on the map are finished, and on Monday the students will start painting with us.

We hit the half-way point yesterday and find ourselves in good shape to complete all three projects on schedule.

Below are Henk and Mary outlining countries on map.


One thought on “Low points

    Duncan RyanMann said:
    March 18, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Lucky key find! Someone must have excellent eyesight! Mary looks right at home with this painting project. Happy to hear about the difficult days as well as the smoother ones!

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